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4" - Summit Grow Carbon Filter

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Summit Carbon Filters eats odor for breakfast.

Odor control is often a major concern of indoor growers.  No one wants extreme garden odors smelling up there home.  Summit Grow Filters have you coved.  Our over engineer carbon filters contain the highest quality carbon ready for the most extreme odors so you can grow whatever you want, whenever, wherever you want.

  • 4" Diameter x 12" Length
  • Rated up to 200 CFM
  • 2" thick virgin activate Australian RC-214 granular carbon 
  • Lightweight Design
  • Removes moisture and odor from the air
  • Our precision machine packing means more carbon = better odor control
  • Open air mesh delivers maximum airflow and absorption
  • Includes built in flange and pre-filter
  • 2 year life expectancy*

*Average use and environmental conditions